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About Us

About Nimisha:-

In dealing with Behavioural Competencies & Enhancing Personal, Professional & Emotional traits in Clients who approach in Clinical Settings as well as the Participants during the Training Progroms for a better Life. Approaching & Imparting knowledge & implementable action course on Leadership ;Emotional Intelligence; Creativity & Innovation; Problem Solving & Decision Making & many others. Helping Clients with Severe & Common Mental Health issues with the help of Psychotheraputics & Counseling Techniques.


14+ yrs.of experience in HR & OD Interventions in large Corporate Org. enhancing & enabling HR and Behavioural Competencies conducting Interventions based on Andragogy; Behavioural Theories and Implementable Applications on :::
Situational; Frontline; Types of Leadership
b)Behavioural Modules::
Asertiveness; Conflict; Anger; Stress; Emotional Intelligence; Change Mgmt; Conflict Mgmt.
c) Soft-Skills Modules::
Time Management; Bus. Ettiq.;Personal Effectiveness; Handling Irate Customers; Objection Handling
d) Management Modules::
Professional Effectiveness; Ex. Dev. Programs; MDPs; Client Partnership
e) Creativity & Innovation::
Lateral Thinking; Boosting Creativity; Building High Performance Teams; Idea Management
f)Human Resource Modules
g) Self-Help Modules::
Assertiveness Skills; Anger Management; Ownership & Accountability